How to splice rope

We do offer a professional splicing service, but if you would like to learn, follow the videos below to see how it is done.

how to splice rope

Some tips if you are starting to learn how to splice rope.

Splicing rope will take a bit of practice, but it is a skill almost everyone can master with a little effort.

Some rope types due to the construction and fibres are almost impossible to splice and used rope is much more difficult than brand new rope due to the compression and stiffening of the fibres, so start with some new rope such as Braid on Braid or 12-Strand.

Splicing small diameter rope is also very tricky and not the best place to start so begin with 10mm or 12mm diameter rope.

It is very helpful to have a strong point on to which you can tie the rope to pull against, hard, this helps when setting the splice back into the cover. Don't use your door handle you will likely break it off. (Yes I have broken a few things in the past pulling a splice.) On a boat I use the winch or cleat but at home this is a bit more difficult. One idea is to get a strong bit of wood longer than the width of your door frame and pull against it spanning the doorway.

If you would like us to add more tutorial videos please contact us and let us know.